Sunday, 13 February 2011


You may remember that late last year I took a couple of old knitted dresses I had, altered the grey one so it fitted better and cut the other (purple) one up. Read all about it here. Well, after procrastinating for a couple of months, even though I knew exactly what I wanted to do with the shrug/cardi half I had left over, I finally got hold of some grey felt yesterday and put my long-held plan into action. I was inspired by this post here, which I came across via a photo of the finished article on Pinterest.




The top half of the old purple dress was still pretty much as it was after I hacked it in two, so I cut it along the centre front to make your basic cardi shape, then laid the cut edges along each other and cut through both halves of the front in a gentle curve to make the rounded bottom edge. After tidying that up a bit, I took a large square of felt, cut it into strips and then squares. I folded each little square in half, cut flower/petal shapes out of each one, then laid them all out along the neck line of my shrug. A quick pin and a couple of stitches in each one later, and I had myself a finished cardi. There's no fastening at the front, so I can either wear it open, or, as I have done here, just fasten the top edges together with a small safety pin on the inside. It probably took me a hour to 90 minutes from start to finish last night. I do like a quick and satisfying project!

What's more, I've been blogging five years today. Happy Bloggerversary to my blog!

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