Friday, 17 December 2010


At the moment I am very much into making/repurposing things from items I already have (watch out those to whom I have given Xmas pressies, this includes you). So, in the spirit of recycling and saving much needed moolah, I've been hacking away at some of my clothes from last winter.

I bought two knitted dresses last year, one in grey, one in purple. They are both now waaayy too big (hurrah!) so something really needed to be done with them. The purple dress I simply cut in half and have been left with a skirt and a shrug. The shrug I haven't finished faffing about with yet, but the skirt is here:

purple skirt1

purple skirt4

I just gathered the top edge and stitched it on to an elastic waistband. I may reconsider this, as it means I pretty much always have to wear a belt with it to hide the elastic (which is white), so I may take it off and make a casing for it instead. I'll see how it works for a while yet.

The grey dress I loved, so I decided to keep it as is but take it in to fit better:


In progress:

(Apologies for the quality of the photos; half were taken by night and the others were taken in appalling winter light.)

Cool, huh? I do like getting something for nothing and clothes for free is always doubly good.

I also have my Celebratory Party Dress to share, but, again, I need daylight to take some decent pictures so I'll keep you posted.


Catherine said...

The clothes look great, especially purple skirt :) I have a belt like that, only in black - they're really flattering aren't they? Great that you can keep your nice clothes now you've lost weight. You look fab!

Emm@ said...

Thank you very much!

I'd love one like it in black myself, but all the black ones I come across seem to be all flouncy or have horribly blingy clasps. I just want a nice, simple, plain one!!!

Catherine said...

Hmm well mine was a charity shop find (surprise surprise!) so can't tell you where to find one like it...