Wednesday, 22 December 2010

Burning of the Clocks

Last night was The Burning of the Clocks, an annual parade held in Brighton to celebrate the winter solstice. I was so glad it was on, as they had to cancel last year's parade due to the snow and ice. Husband has never seen it and I'm always going on about it, so we made our way down to the pier and waited for the lanterns to pass us:






I loved this Day of the Dead themed section, although this awesome skull was an inflatable rather than a paper lantern like the others. I'll let it off, it was HUGE! We didn't hang around for the bonfire, but had a walk past the Pavilion and the lit-up ice rink outside it before heading to GBK for a festive venison burger.


I posted about the 2008 Burning of the Clocks parade here. Although I went in 2006, I didn't blog about it, 2005 was before I had this blog, and I didn't go in 2007 as it was too foggy to drive down!

Edit: You can see more photos from The Argus here and a view from the inside here.

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