Tuesday, 7 December 2010


I'm very much enjoying my journey to work at the moment. Usually, I have my iPod on, listening to some audiobook or other and not really seeing what's around me, but recently I've just felt like staring out of the window. The landscape and the weather have changed around us so much over the last week; inches and inches of snow, heavy rain washing it all away like it had never been, and now thick, hard frost. The trees were hanging on to their leaves for as long as possible, but they're all pretty much naked now. And the light is so beautiful; cold yet bright is my favourite weather and the sunsets at the end of those kind of days are just glorious.

So here are a few glimpses of today's journey; taken on my phone camera out of the window, not really focused in any way, literally just snaps. (I must apologise for the bird poo on the window, though. Seagulls: bah.) I always sit on the top deck at the front. I can get quite tetchy if someone is in "my" seat.






Still a few remnants of snow on the green at the Old Village, now with a topping of frost.



Fabulous skies; it was a shame to be indoors all afternoon, really. I'm very much looking forward to working from home in a few weeks time and being able to take a late afternoon walk and soak up all the cold air and gorgeous colours.

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