Wednesday, 1 December 2010

The Advent of Advent


So it's December and I feel incredibly behind with everything, even though there are over three weeks to get organised, which is plenty of time. Honestly, just chillax, Emma. At least the weather is seasonal, although I expect it'll tire itself out in a few days and we'll have a wet Xmas instead! My library is closed today, so I'm off to a nearer one this afternoon BUT I'm now in my last few weeks of library work. The meeting went very well last Thursday, the new illo project is on and I start on 4th January. It is a full, FULL time job, though (hurrah!), so I've handed in my library notice. I'll stay on the casual list, though, in case they need help on the odd day and I'm going so stir crazy at home by myself that I'll just jump at the chance to get away from my desk! I'm very excited about the project and very much looking forward to getting started and being a proper, full time illustrator again. Plus, actually having some money would be nice, too!

So, if the snow wasn't Christmassy enough, it is now OK to play my Xmas Playlist without recriminations, I need to get myself an Advent candle, and I must crack on with writing my promo Xmas cards to send out ASAP. Go Christmas, go!


Rona said...

Excellent news! Go Emma Go! xx

Celeste Goulding said...

Congratulations! :)

natural attrill said...

Great news about your illustration work!

Emm@ said...

Thanks everyone!