Friday, 31 December 2010

This Year....

I have liked:

*The weather (almost properly seasonal all year round, bar the wet July)
*Getting married
*Getting a fab new job
*Growing loads of herbs and veg on my balcony
*Going on a nice, long holiday
*Winning two Spoonflower competitions
*New audiobooks
*New books generally
*Taking lots of photos (over 1000 of the buggers)
*Going to the cinema
*Losing weight
*Learning to sew my own clothes
*Learning to sew lots of stuff generally
*Making Husband nearly as Harry Potter obsessed as I am
*Blogging 261 times, my highest record yet
*Collecting "granny china", as my sisters call it
*Discovering Pinterest
*Getting a Wacom
*Blogging calendar pages every week

I have not liked:

*Clients who do not pay on time
*Having to juggle money around - see above
*Noisy, drunken neighbours
*Husband being ill for past 6 months
*Bloody selfish people

I am happy that:

*My "Liked" list is much longer than my "Not Liked". Generally, life is pretty good and I am very grateful for that.


Happy New Year, everyone!


Didge said...

sooo... y's the uke not on the like list huh? lolz

Deb said...

hello Emma. i have liked reading your blog this year and i like this post! love the piccy's at the end. happy new year to you and the mister both. x

Rona said...

Happy New Year! Hope your next year's like list is longer too!