Monday, 21 February 2011

Monday Meander #6

I didn't seem to meander very far this Monday, either. Husband and I are taking a much-needed week off this week, and we planned to saunter to the marina to catch a film this afternoon. However, I was just putting my boots on to leave the flat when I got these weird zig-zaggy patterns in front of my eyes and the beginnings of a headache. We got as far as Boots on the bus, popped in to get some migraine tablets, queued for ages, and then had to fill in an enormous questionnaire at the medicines counter before they'd even consider letting me have the migraine tablets I'd picked up. They didn't. I got different ones. By this time, we had ten minutes to get to the cinema and I'd rather gone off the idea. We decided some Fresh Air would be better for us, anyway. So, of course, we went and sat inside at Scoop and Crumb for an hour! Husband wanted to celebrate being a non-smoker for three years today with an ice cream sundae, and who was I to stand in the way of that?!

ice cream jimmy

This looks like this humungous concoction was all Husband's, but, actually, that one was mine (a "Banoffeebocker" - caramel and banana ice creams, toffee cake pieces, caramel sauce, cream and caramel crunch pieces and two wafers on the top. Yummers.) and Husband's was the much shorter one behind! It did make my head feel much better, though. Maybe doctors should prescribe ice cream more often. Would probably cure a lot of diseases.

So, full of ice cream and buzzing with sugar, we had a lovely wander (buzz) around town, in and out of a few antique shops where I managed to restrain myself from buying a lovely 1930's trio decorated with black and orange trees (very proud of myself, but, man, it was hard as those babies were GORGEOUS), and I took a few photos of all the lovely new wrapping papers out now in Paperchase:


I love that yellow. Lush.


And I always like their brown-paper papers. You can't really tell here, but the patterns are spot varnished so they shine nicely against the flat, brown base. Fabbo.


Love those strawbs. Just looking at Print and Pattern, I see Bowie Style had the same idea today!

Husband and I are off to Cambridge for a couple of days tomorrow, so I'll see y'all on our return.

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Deb said...

mmmm bet that ice cream was good - i like the paperchase paper with the birds and bird cages on. i have in the past bought a sheet and framed it. huddersfield doesnt have a paperchase :( x