Thursday, 17 February 2011

Nice Pear

I was early for an appointment around Seven Dials last week, so to waste a bit of time I popped into Sixty Seven, a very nice shop just off Dyke Road. I was just leaving, when a range of just amazing acrylic brooches caught my eye. There were several owls, birds and the odd tree, but I just had to have this orange pear, orange being my couleur du jour:



The letters are burned into the card, which, quite frankly, makes the simple-yet-effective packaging almost as awesome as the brooch itself. I don't know who made it; the mark on the back enigmatically says only "KC Made in Brighton", and there's nothing on the Sixty Seven website. If the real KC could step forward, I'd like to gush sycophantically in your ear about just how great your brooches are, please.

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