Friday, 4 February 2011

Finally, A Breather

Phew! Well that was frantic, wasn't it? 48 rough pages in 32 days, all in now and an invoice for them sent off. Annnnnd breathe. Or rather, catch up on gym visits, do several loads of washing, dust, tidy, clean, iron and generally tidy up. I get the comments back on the roughs on 2nd March with artwork due 8th April, so at least I have a bit of break at the moment. I think they're going to squeeze in the cover before I get the comments back, so I'll be starting on that next week some time.

But, in the meantime, I'm going to enjoy spending my first weekend off this year with Husband, getting out and about, eating cake and ice cream and generally relaxing. Then it'll be back to eating properly on Monday. Honest, guv. We've not been too good recently; money was getting VERY tight before I was paid this Monday, so we were living on cheap food, ie bread, and using up what I had in the store cupboard, ie anything I could make from the four different types of flour I have knocking around. But the money is in and proper, healthier and more carbo-light food has been purchased. Hurrah!

And for an illustration to this post, I hereby present to you the work of Fred Blunt who I just discovered today. LOVE his style.:

Frank 2

Right, I'm off to start my relaxing weekend with dinner and wine and follow it up with a bit o'knitting and a fillum or two. Have a good one, everyone.


Deb said...

have fun and enjoy your weekend Em. x

Jon Davis said...

48 roughs in 32 days is some good going, well done indeed :)