Wednesday, 5 January 2011

Wine Gums

wine gum buttons 2

wine gum buttons 3a

wine gum buttons 1

A Christmas pressie from Sam again. This collection of lushious, transparent buttons really is called "Wine Gums". Genius. This is what you get when one of your bezzers works in maybe the nicest sewing shop in the city. Awesome stuff. The bottom photo is currently my desktop wallpaper and it really is brightening up my desk no end.


Wibbo said...

They're brilliant! Sam gave me "Wuthering Heights" buttons which are lovely - purples and greens ;o)

Holly said...

You know before, when I said that something made my eyes happy? I take it back - THEY make my eyes happy. 0.0

(I'm sure the other thing would still make my eyes happy, it's just that this is...a whole new level of ocular happiness)

Emm@ said...

LOL. I totally agree!