Tuesday, 11 January 2011

And a Bit O' Crochet

This was my Christmas holiday craft project:

little red4

little red1

little red2

little red5

I'm really quite chuffed as it's the most complicated crochet pattern I've followed, plus I was a good girl and used the right hook with the recommended yarn and everything. AND I got it finished in the holiday break, too. However, this baby is MAHOOSIVE. It's supposed to look like this, but it's come out a good three inches bigger on each edge than it's supposed to. Must be my tension, I reckon; too loose. Not that it matters at all, I still like it very much, especially when rocking it out and about on the seafront. It got its first outing on Sunday and its second yesterday. It's nice to wear it with the bottom two buttons undone to cover the shoulders a bit more. I do like how I feel like an elf or Little Red Riding Hood in it! I'd quite like to crochet up another one, possibly in grey and maybe even with the right tension!


Jayleon said...

Is this blog from a mirror universe or something?

Emm@ said...

You mean the photos? Taken in Photobooth on my Mac, you silly boy.

Rona said...

Think it's through the mirror glass to fairy tale land - and look she already met a Big Bad Wolf! xxxx

Deb said...

amazing! its looks great -0 i would say grey would look very very nice.x

pie said...

oh it's turned out lovely! and I'm sure the hugeness would shrink out a bit if you wanted it to - looks fine though!