Thursday, 6 January 2011

A Bit of Christmas Craftiness

Now everyone has received their gifts, it's safe for me to blog about them. But first, I must make an announcement. Hold on to your hats here; it's a big one. Yes....I took pictures of things I made before wrapping them up and giving them away. Shocking, huh? I think I'll split this into two or more posts, as I really did make pretty much everything I gave this year and you don't want to be sitting here for hours and hours reading about every last detail, do you? No, I'll save that as a treat for later ;)

First up, lipbalms:



These were something I'd been wanting to have a go at for some time, and I thought Crimbo was perfect for it. I bought all my supplies from bathbombbiz. I was going to just get a kit and make them that way, but once I'd seen how easy they were to make to your own design from various recipes on various websites, plus the fact that all the kits seemed to contain almond oil which is no good for my nut-allergic chums, I just bought the separate elements, plus tubes, and made it all up myself.

They're really easy to make; you just weigh/measure out your ingredients, melt them all down over a double boiler as if you were melting chocolate, and pour into your desired receptacle. You can add more or less of each ingredient to make it softer (for pots) or harder (for tubes). I added peppermint oil to one batch of ten, and lemon & orange oils to another.

The labels I whipped up in Photoshop in a Victorian poster stylee and printed out on to Avery labels (nightmare afternoon that was). Quite a few people didn't realise I'd made them myself, so they must look quite professional!

I didn't take photos of the making process, though (surprise, surprise), but as I have loads of the gubbins left, not to mention other flavoured oils, I think another go at these is definitely on the horizon - with added step by step photos this time. I might get hold of some vintage pill boxes and use those as interesting tins.

Secondly, PJs:

xmas pjs 2

I made PJ pants for my sisters and Ma and for Husband. This awesome tartan fabric is "Suiting", apparently, which I'd never used before but is very nice, plus soft on the skin, even if it did turn my iron a bit black and gooey. I must lower the temperature next time! I might make a skirt out of it in the future. I have plenty of each colour left, but I could make a sort of patchwork/panelled affair...hmmm....

Anyhoo, here I am modelling Youngest Sister's pair, as we are the only two who are the same size these days:

xmas pjs

xmas pjs 4

xmas pjs 3

There's elastic in the waistband for comfort, plus a drawstring in a contrasting colour for adaptability. I also put in pockets in the same colour as the drawstring. You've got to have somewhere to put your tissue, right? Husband's pair were made from an old yellow striped duvet cover. He's so chuffed with them; apparently they're his favourite Xmas present! I'll make him some more soon.

I have more to chat on about, but I'll save it for another time. A treat, definitely.


Catherine said...

Wow the pjs and the lipbalms look fantastic! I bet the peppermint one is quite refreshing. :)

Deb said...

same as cat - wow! very clever you are indeed Em. x

Emm@ said...

Thanking you muchly! I nicked a peppermint one for myself and it's really tingly on the lips. Yum!

pie said...

I love that purple tartan!! (Fabric land? I hope so). I love my peppermint lipbalm, but it's going down really quickly because I keep putting so much on! Sunshine loves it too, which is weird, she tried to lick it off my lips earlier and I was all 'aaaagh gerroff you lick your bum with that tongue'.