Tuesday, 27 July 2010


Over the past week I had a few days off, so, in between scribbling roughs, sewing, and rearranging the pictures in the house, I went out and about and got supplies to make something I'd been hankering after for aaaaages: A bobbin rack.




Boyfriend helped me put it together. It's a little rough and ready, but it does the job nicely. The spokes are half-sized pencils, just from Tesco. I got the idea from the internet SOMEWHERE, but I have no idea where now. The reels sitting on the top are ones that don't fit on the pencils, but that looks kinda cool, too, I think.

I also moved the picture that was at the left-hand end to the bedroom and replaced it with a few of my favourite blue and orange quilting fabrics from my stash.


The frames are just cheap, wooden embroidery hoops from good, old Fabric Land. I think it cost me less than a tenner to make them up; awesome. I also moved a load of stuff from off my desk and into boxes and out of sight so I have much more working room now. Anything that needs to stay on my desk now lives on this awesome tray I picked up on Saturday when our local Oxfam had a Vintage Day. You can't really see the pattern here, but suffice to say it is bright, floral and very 70s.


I do like it when everything is uncluttered; it makes my brain work much better.

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