Sunday, 18 July 2010

Charity Shop Treasures

Ooops. Appear to have been away from here for a bit too long. Well, in my defence there has been a lot going on. My meeting at the publishers last Monday went very well. They liked my portfolio and, although there's no contract as yet, they gave me two texts to look over and make a few character sketches for. Hopefully, if the Art Directors, and the dudes in sales, and the tea boy like my sketches then it'll go to contract and I'll be doing a new picture book or two! Woo! Exciting.

The other illo job I was moaning about a couple of weeks ago has sorted itself out and I'm working on the roughs for that at the moment. Add to that usual, plus extra, library work, knitting, housework, walks on the seafront, gardening, agreeing to man stalls at school fetes and the like, then the last 10 days or so have been rather hectic!

Anyhoo, I've been meaning to share this little lot for a week or two:




Lovely Boyfriend bought me this set of two casserole dishes, a gravy boat with saucer and a large plate/charger by Royal Doulton from our local Mind charity shop, one of the better ones on George Street.

And lo and behold, today they had cups and saucers to match, so, natch, I had to get those, too:





I love charidee shops.


Wibbo said...

Those casseroles are lovely! Even nicer (if poss) than the cups and saucers :o)

Rona said...

Those dishes are very nice indeed! If you don't mind me saying so your boyf always seems to make sure there are lovely things being made for his tummy! :0D