Saturday, 31 July 2010

It. Is. DONE.

It's only taken me 14 months, but the Cardigan of Joy/Doom (delete as applicable) is DONE.





The pattern is from Men's Knits by Erica Knight, but in the book it's knit plain in bamboo yarn. I made the stripes up and, after some shaky and hurried maths, just crossed my fingers that they would work out OK. I think they do. The yarn is my fave, King Cole Merino DK, in Mauve and Bottle. As Boyfriend is still a raver dude of the 90s at heart, I left part of the cuffs unsewn so he could put his thumbs through and keep his ickle hands warm. He chose those colours, the width of the stripes and the buttons, which came from The Eternal Maker in Chichester when we went back in April. For a guy who mainly wears khaki green and various shades of sludge, he ain't afraid of colour.

I'm pretty chuffed with it. The only other jumper I ever knitted came out waaayy too big, but then, in my defence, I had only been knitting for a couple of months at the time and had no idea about gauge or making a swatch or any of that. I am glad this one is finally finished, though. I'm back to knitting socks and small, portable, quick items for the forseeable future!


Jenny Leggings said...

Rock and roll Looks WICKED!!

Peri said...

Looks great!

Wibbo said...

Yay, it's finished!!