Wednesday, 28 July 2010

My New Dress a Day

I mentioned in the last post that I got an awesome 70s tray from Oxfam's Vintage Day last Saturday. I also found this fab 80s skirt that had made its way over here all the way from Australia. ('Tis true; label says so.) I like the colour and the pattern and the buttons (squee!!) very much, but the length was a little dowdy. Check it:



So I decided to take a leaf out of the amazing Marissa at New Dress a Day's book and get busy with the scissors and the sewing machine to tweak it to my liking.



I cut off a good three (rather wobbly) inches off the bottom and hemmed it up just underneath the two buttons at the bottom there. Et voila! Really, really easy.




Eric and Ernie think it's fab, see? I just twizzled it around a bit so the buttons are on the side rather than the middle. I may remove the bottom two buttons - they're only decorative - to make it balance out a little better but I'm pretty happy as is. Yellow happy skirt! Woo! And it twirls very nicely too, in that little-girl-in-a-too-big-skirt kinda way.

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