Friday, 5 February 2010

Well, it Appears to be February...

...already. Blimey. Where have the last few weeks gone? The simple act of blogging my used calendar pages every week has already made me well aware that time continues to fly this year and has no intention whatsoever of slowing down. Even a little bit. In a way that sucks (in that we'd all like to have an extra three hours or so each day), but in another makes me excited and hopeful for the return of warmer weather (that's warmer, mind you, not hot) and a new growing season.

So, thinking about growing things, it's Seedy Sunday this weekend, which is always good for inspiration. Buying some seeds will allow me to tick off part of my NYR list. Speaking of which, cinema visits are on the up, I only very occasionally lapse into Nessa-speak and I've discovered James Anderson and his Inspector Wilkins. Hilaarrrrious. The Horrible Cold has gone without leaving me with a hacking cough for weeks afterwards, which is a bonus. However, my eyelids do seem to like swelling and then being totally OK, weird things that they are. The slow cooker is being used for the second time tonight and now the latest illo project is over I'm beginning to work on new promo stuff. Generally, it's all ticking along nicely.

Just have to stop eating these every day:


But gotta make the most of them while they're still around, right?

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