Sunday, 14 February 2010


On the HiddenEloise/Gather No Moss/Paperchase debacle here. At least that's some sort of conclusion, although Paperchase still could do with a kick up the arse.

And a Happy Chinese New Year and St Valentine's Day and Sunday. If you want to clock up a few extra brownie points today, there's still time to download and print out these mini Valentines below by Peptogirl Industries. Just click here to go to her blog to download for the bargainous price of FREE.

Nice, aren't they? Her blog is pretty nice all over, actually. Well worth a peruse.

I'm afraid I'm not adding any more brownie points to my total today, as I really can't be Aristotled to cook the lamb stew I promised. I have ordered pizza (online. And specified the time I want it delivered! Wow! Ain't technology grand?!) instead, so I suppose that counts as Creating in the Kitchen, right?


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