Saturday, 6 February 2010

Colour Map

I got one one of these extremely useful babies from Galaxy Gauge to help me chose accurate colours for the backgrounds of the latest illo project:






It tells you exactly how much C, M, Y or K to put together in Photoshop (or similar) to make specific colours. See that "Pine" green up there? If you open the Colour Picker tool in Photoshop and put in 86% Cyan, 20% Magenta, 86% Yellow and 10% Black in the boxes provided on the right hand side, you get that particular shade of green. Cool, huh? And you know that's how it will print, too. Super awesome and useful, love it. Can't believe I didn't get one before now.


Deb said...

very very handy Em. as one who struggles with colour - where can you get one of these from?i have the two colour books and spometimes use them.dx.

Emm@ said...

I got mine from the place in the link - As the postage to the UK was more, they chucked in a load of free stuff, too!

Deb said...

how stupid am i-i could have googled it etc or put my glasses on! thank you for the link.have you put owt in your tin yet?dx.