Wednesday, 24 February 2010

Lahhdahhh Tahn

The Boyf and I went up to London bright and early yesterday and spent the day going round the shops and other interesting places and eateries before going to see Nation at the National Theatre. A lovely anniversary day, even if it was raining (and snowing, come to that), and so nice to get away from Brighton, just for a while. (I've probably said this before, but I sometimes get a claustrophobic feeling living here. Maybe it's because you have sea on one side and just the delights of Worthing to the west or Eastbourne to the east and only the train to London to escape on! Anyway, it was nice to have a breather.)


Tottenham Court Road station mosaics


Alice window display at Charles Fox. Make up HEAVEN!


Lovelies on display at the Primrose Bakery.


Peanut Butter Cake (with PB chips on top. How cool is that? PB chips!)


Glittery butterfly wrapping paper in Paperchase.


Froggy paper.

I've done pretty much sweet FA today. Lots of lying in after a late return home and munching bacon sandwiches is pretty much it. As the weather was so bright this morning we planned to go for a long walk this afternoon, but, of course, as soon as we left the house it began to rain. Oh well. I have an educational/interesting day trip planned tomorrow, which Boyf knows virtually nothing about! He may wheedle all he likes, but I ain't telling. Then I must get on with some new illo ideas. I'm entering a competition (deadline week on Monday) and up until today was rather panicking about what to draw. But I had one of those strange moments this afternoon where an idea just pops fully formed into my head. Strange. Hopefully I can get what's in my head down on paper. Let's get scribbling!

Oh, and Happy Birthday to Youngest Sister, 18 today! I am precisely 10 years and 6 months older than her, which means I can ask for a half-birthday pressie today, and she on 24th August. Not that either of us listen. We usually just scoff at each other and say "yeah, right, OK, whatevs" or the like.


Holly said...

Erm, COOL?! You describe peanut butter chips as COOL?! I think the word you're looking for is DISGRACEFUL.

Rona said...

Glad you had a 'Grand Day Out'. Loving the Butterflies and Frogs!