Thursday, 18 February 2010

Bit O' Weekend Knitting

Here's a little something I knitted over the weekend:


Very unlike me to actually finish something in a couple of days, but it was knitted on 10mm needles with two strands of chunky yarn, so it grew rather quickly. What's even better about it is that I finally fixed the loose centre stone in my lovely, vintage snowflake brooch that I've been too scared to wear for about three years, and blinged it up.

If you want an easy-peasy cowl to knit, this is what I did:

Yarn: 4 skeins of Sirdar Click in "Marine Blue" (any chunky yarn will do).
Needles: 10mm straights or circs.
Holding two strands together, CO 80 st.
Either join and k2p2 in the round for 30cm (or until yarn runs out) and BO in pattern, or k2p2 for 30cm on straight needles, BO in pattern and sew up.

Easy, right? I knitted it flat and then sewed it up afterwards as I wasn't sure how it was going to pan out or how I'd like to wear it. If I was doing it again, I'd deffo knit in the round and bind off in pattern, too, which I must admit I was a bit too lazy to do with this one.

All I have to do now is reduce the length of that "Work in Progress" bar on the right hand side there. Especially the stripy cardi, which is for Boyfriend. I mean, I only started that last MAY. Ooops. Better get on....

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Deb said...

mmm. very you Em. i saw this on flickr whilst peeking at people's photos the other day. it is very nice. i sold loads of my wool during the big clean but kept little bit aside in the hop of making knitting husband a blanket or learning to crochet him one as he keeps stealing mine. i do look at your to-do list on the side there-i can see them creeping across to 100%!dx.