Tuesday, 1 December 2009

And So It Begins...

December is now upon us and it seems like barely a few weeks have passed since Boyfriend and I were in York in the summer. Crazy. The weather this morning was of my very favourite kind (frosty and sunny, rock on), I've nearly played my Xmas playlist through in its entirety, and spent yesterday evening writing out my Christmas cards to send out as promos. I posted them off today, so hopefully my work will be winging its way around the publishing houses of Lahhdahhn Tahhn later this week.

So, after all that faffing about in October (!!) here are the finished cards:



A much simpler idea, as you can see. Inside, there's the letter RoboDog is holding in his mouth. It reads: "Dear Santa. Thank you for my ROBODOG. He is SUPA ORSUM. Love from Jake xxx". Hehehe. I'm so glad I got them done and dusted before we moved. It's just been crazy ever since and I have no idea when I would've got the chance to do them otherwise.

Right, (professional, not personal) cards written and sent. Check.

Crimbo shopping started. Check.

Crimbo present crafting well on its way. Check.

Thousand things to do in three and a half weeks. Check.


PS On this day last year, I tasted my first - and last - Watermelon KitKat.  Who'd have thunk it?

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