Thursday, 10 December 2009

This Week I Have....

1. Been offered a new illustration job.

2. Had the BEST restaurant Xmas dinner EVER.

3. Received an AWESOME Secret Santa present...

4....and gave one, too.

5. Been the victim of an Image Stealer, but managed to get said Stealer's shop shut down within three hours.

6. Had my family round to see the new place.

7. Been in a bus accident.

8. Worked a multitude of extra hours.

9. Simultaneously sang carols, made coffee and checked out books.

10. Missed several deliveries.

11. Received a surprise delivery of books I'd almost forgotten I'd written!

12. Bought fake Xmas tree to go up this weekend.

13. Been rained on far too much.

14. Drunk far too much hot chocolate. (But how much is too much, exactly?)

15. Hardly seen Boyfriend at all even though we share a bed these days.

16. Sold a fair bit o'stuff in the online shops.

17. Written all the rest of my Xmas cards and posted them.

18. Discovered TeuxDeux, which is simple, yet brilliant.

19. Not blogged at all.

20. Washed all the underwear I own in one go.


Wibbo said...

You've been busy! Good news about the illustration job - less good about the bus! J x

Catherine said...

What a week! Overall it sounds like it's been a good one. :) Bus accident though - eek!
Re hot chocolate: I do believe it's approx one gallon per person per week (in winter...only 2 mugfuls a week maximum in summer)

Emm@ said...

Nah, the bus just took the corner too tight, hit a bollard, and flung us about a bit. He ripped off a good chunk of bodywork, though! Eejit!

Good to know it's a gallon per week, though. Means I can increase my intake!