Thursday, 31 December 2009

Plans and Schemes

Hello. Hope you all had good Christmases and all that.

So tonight is New Year's Eve. Time for reminiscing, taking stock, and planning for the year ahead. Hmm. I'm generally not that bothered about New Year. I think of September and the new school year being my fresh start. No one wants to turn over a new leaf when it's 2 degrees outside and there's still two tins of Quality Street to polish off, right?

However, I do tend to make the odd resolution, if only because I feel I should. Looking back over my blog, I didn't realise that I made no resolutions last year. I think I was just too busy finishing off all the books I was doing at the time! If I had made some, I would've put moving in with Boyfriend at the top of my list, followed by have a good rest come March, and then buy a new computer when the funds come in. Happily, I did all of those! Yay! Hehehe.

I'm quite pleased at the amount of reading I've done this year, though. Hopefully I can continue with that in the coming year. I've discovered some great authors like Stella Gibbons, Winifred Watson and Angela Carter, and rediscovered all-round genius-types like Oscar Wilde and Neil Gaiman.

So, more reading is down there. As is take better care of my teeth and get a dentist (not been for three years or so. Ouch). Experiment more with the evening meals is there, too. I have loads of awesome cookery books but tend to stick to tried-and-tested recipes, so I should read through those again for inspiration. I'd also like to go on a proper holiday this year. Not necessarily abroad or somewhere flash, but I want to take a full week/10 days off and go away for a goodish length of time.

Wow, actually, that's quite a list already!

Work wise, I obviously want to get more illustration work in. Since April I've been concentrating more on getting my bread-and-butter, part time work sorted into something more stable so at least I know the bills are paid, and living with Boyfriend now has taken the pressure off quite a bit. So now I'm going to re-jig my websites and do much more promo. A card every six weeks at least. I also want to go back to the print studio and get a few more screenprints done. Wolfie has been very popular so I'd like to do another print run of those.

I've found TeuxDeux has been very useful in getting organised, if only for providing somewhere I can just jot down what needs to be done and not lose the bit of paper afterwards, so I'm sure I'll continue to use that.

Plan, plans, plans. I'm sure I'll think of more things to do, but they'll do for now. Right, who's for a Quality Street?

Happy New Year, peeps.


Didge said...

Angela Carter... as in bloody chamber?? (am studying tht book in english) she's mega feminist n thats about all we talk about.
i secretly think it's awesome.
Btw, knee socks r growing @ the speed of light ... ok well not light... sound maybe... and am going to continue OVER THE KNEE COZ I LIVE ON THE EDGE LIKE THAT.
i hope the wool lasts lol
awesome ideas bbz and am hoping this commenting lark will work... we'll soon see!

Emm@ said...

Yeas indeedy. I thought it was awesome, too.

You are tres hilarious, btw.

Didge said...

my lifetime ambition has literally been filled.
(second sock feels a bit loose... am tempted to start again....oh noes)