Monday, 30 November 2009

Sunset, 4.23pm Today


Bit of an odd one, today. I felt totally down over the weekend due to the incessant wind and rain - all three weeks of it - and it didn't help when it looked like much the same again this morning when I woke up. I wasn't particularly looking forward to going out in it all to meet Steph and Jan in Temptation, but I'm very glad I went. While we were stitching, bitching, gulping hot chocolate and munching the best toast ever, the rain stopped and the sun made a rare appearance. Shocking! I managed to get a fair bit of Crimbo shopping done afterwards - which I was beginning to worry about - without any hassle and without the heavens opening on my head. Once home, I did a bit more shopping online and tackled most things on my enornous to-do list. So a day that started off looking rubbish actually turned into something really rather enjoyable.

Something else that has brightened my mood is having one of my knitted monsters mentioned on Cuteable today. Thanks, Lynsey!

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