Monday, 16 November 2009

The Teacups are Here!

A week ago I finally received the teacups from Yvestown's Cath Kidston giveaway. I was really worried they wouldn't get here before I moved with all the postal strike palaver that's been going on, but arrive they did, safely and beautifully packaged and with a lovely card, too. Thanks, Yvonne!




Aren't they lovely?

I had a bit of a cosy Saturday afternoon this weekend. The terrible weather virtually demanded an afternoon on the sofa with the December issue of Country Living, a bar of Dairy Milk and a pot of tea. I settled down for a good slurp, munch and read, but totally forgot I had my new cups until Boyfriend remarked he was surprised I wasn't using them. Agghh!! Oh well. I expect there will be plenty of wet and windy afternoons to come in which I can put them to good use. And get another bar of chocolate, obviously.

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