Saturday, 21 November 2009

Reusing and Recycling




I thought I'd share my favourite bit of new (to me) furniture we bought for the flat. This awesome chest of drawers was a bargain 45 quid at my local YMCA shop. I LOVE those shops. Boyf and I spent a small fortune in there decking out the flat, although buying all the furniture new would've been much more expensive, not to mention not as much fun! Mid-century furniture just rocks. It's always so well made and relatively cheap. I think it's because it's not as fashionable as other types of vintage furniture - yet. Plus it's built from real wood and everything. None of this flatpack MDF malarky. Anyway, according to a stamp on the inside, this CoD was made in Japan sometime (I'm guessing) in the 60s. I LOVE the handles and the different coloured top drawer. It's now housing all my clothes which just about fit in. Best of all, it means I haven't yet become a complete Ikea tart! The little glass jug on the top was £3 in Oxfam and is now holding all my DPNs and crochet hooks.



Talking of recycling and reusing old stuff, I felted these old jumpers and tanktops yesterday to use in a little crafting for my Etsy/Folksy shops. I hope to share these soon as I am uber excited to get cracking. I've already sold a pair of my fingerless mittens and I'm going to put up a couple of new aprons ASAP, too.

No sunset tonight as it started raining at 2.30pm and hasn't stopped yet so far too grey outside. (Not to mention I was so busy finishing sewing the living room curtains at the time to really notice!)


Jenny Leggings said...

as a lover of mid century furniture myself your CoD is simply gorgeous!!!

Jenny Leggings said...
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pie said...

Purdy! I like the legs, they make me think of the Jetsons TV set.