Friday, 20 November 2009

Never as Bad as You Think



The view at 4.20pm tonight. Luvverly.

So, after yesterday's winge-fest, I evidently didn't do as bad as feared as they rang this morning to say I'd got the extra hours! Phew. Un-cancel Christmas, I can (just about) afford it now!

Today I've been rushing here, there and everywhere. Been out knitting, hired a car for an hour and took cardboard and plastic up to the recycling centre, wrote my new BiG column, let an unexpected electrician in to anchor the new hob in properly....still have all the housework to do, but as Boyfriend is doing the final clean up at his old flat this weekend there's no rush!! (Sluttish behaviour, I know).

I have work tomorrow morning, but in the afternoon and on Sunday I'm going to finish sewing the new living room curtains. They're 75% done, so not that much more to do on them. And then, if I get the chance, I will do a bit more on my Christmas crafting.... of which I may share a sneaky peak of a corner or two soon.

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