Sunday, 2 August 2009

Warning: Stream of Consciousness Post Alert!!

Mermaid Mosaic

So now I have a whole bunch of Water Dames, but no specific use to put them to. Where to go next is the question. A new postcard? A new book idea? A poster I could also put up on Etsy as a digital print? I'm thinking about fictional shop signs, maybe maps or information leaflets. Maybe a poster advertising a club night or a show....Hmmm.

Not sure if that's the "right" thing to do. If I were to put, say, a shop sign on a new postcard and send it out, is that going to get me any new work? Are ADs really as narrow-minded as people say they are, and won't be able to see my style applied in a different way in a book? Maybe I should seek out new people to send these postcards to, like magazines. And, does it really matter if it's "right" or not, as long as I am confident in what I have produced??!!! Too many questions for a Sunday evening!

Anyway, at the moment I'm still very much in the experimenting stage. I had the idea last night of creating two seperate worlds that have different colours to them. For example, under water is all green, but above the water is all yellow and red. No idea where I'm going to apply that, but that's all the fun of just putting down ideas: you never know where they're going to lead you!

Back to the experimenting...


Deb said...

the idea of using colours to depict two different worlds is great Em - you can do what you like - how about a sign for a pub? it would look nice for a swimming pool for kids i reckon - giftwrap?dx.

Emm@ said...

They are FAB ideas, Deb, thanks!

Deb said...

thats ok Em - anytime! dx.