Monday, 10 August 2009

Blackberry Clafoutis

Before and after. Hom nom nom





Wibbo said...

Hom nom nom indeed!

pieandsunshine said...

Oooh looks yummy. I was expecting a purple Clapotis though lol. Must need more coffee! *runs off to google what a clafoutis is*

Holly said...

Those are some weird-shaped blackberries 0.0

Twitter was working pour moi whilst it wasn't for you and now it has stopped. Rubbish.

Also, the internet connection on the Mac is nice and constant, but it won't load ANY webpages. What say you on this matter?

I could have just emailed you, but I thought I'd leave you a nice long comment. I've never seen a MASSIVE comment on here before, so I thought I'd the honours. Awesome.

There you go :D Aren't I annoying?!