Thursday, 6 August 2009

Bit of a Slow Week

I've not been really in the mood for much this week. After starting the week with a day off it's been hard getting going. However, on the plus side, I got my new postcards through, which were a total bargain to get printed thanks to good old Vistaprint's special offers. I'm sending out a set of three taken from illustrations from the two Pirates books that were published in June in the hope of getting some more junior fiction/black and white work in.

This is the back, the same design on all three. I've blurred out my phone number:


I've also had the inklings of a new story idea, the bare beginnings of which I've scribbled down, and have also planned a new direction for my mermaid experiments, thanks to a spark of genius from the lovely Deb.

I've spent today (I now have the whole of Mondays and Thursdays off from the library) clearing out all the crap the previous tenant(s) left in my understairs cupboard and taking it to the recycling centre in Hove. I can actually get in the cupboard now! And find things! I've just joined the City Car Club and hired a rather swish new Fiesta for a couple of hours to do it. Having not driven a car for ages, and having only ever owned second or third or seventh hand cars, a new car with air conditioning and power steering and an engine so quiet it's a job to tell if it's actually on is rather novel!

I'm having an eye test tomorrow morning as for the past three/four weeks I've been having migraine-type feelings on the right side of my head and my right eye. Whenever I get a migraine, which isn't very often, my right eye always goes blurry, and I seem to be getting those sort of twinges most days. Maybe I'm just a bit photosensitive at the moment, but I hope they can tell me if it's my eyes causing it.

Anyhoo, I must at least attempt to do a bit of work over the next few days. I feel guilty for not doing some kind of work, even if I don't have a specific job on, so more mermaids it is!


Deb said...

yay for inspiration. hope the eye exam goes ok. i have glasses but have stopped wearing them for some reason. why wont my head work for me? dx.

peri said...

Good luck with the eye test. I love your mermaids.