Wednesday, 1 April 2009

Cream Crackered

Wow! Uber long day in the printroom although, I have to say, the time just flew by. I had so much to carry in my over-stuffed "Big Shoulderbag" that I couldn't squeeze in my camera to document it all (not that I would've had time!) so apologies for no photos as yet. BB Wolf is completely finished and I've set up a new screen ready to print Grandma tomorrow evening. I'm only in for four hours, so I think I'll only manage to get the backgrounds done, with the possibilty of a few of the keylines. I'll try to take the camera tomorrow if I can fit it in my bag. Feet are killing me.

On a bit of a different note, one of my favourite illustrators, Jen Corace, has a show on in Philadelphia at the moment, which you can read all about and look at the beautiful illustrations here. I LOVE her stuff - I have a couple of her children's books and her "Hansel and Gretel" has been on my Amazon wishlist for ages - and these larger pieces are just beautiful. I love the negative space. What I am very excited about is her silhouettes. They give me all sorts of ideas for potential future screenprints. Negative space, negative space....hmmmm...........

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