Tuesday, 21 April 2009

Speaking of Things to Salivate Over...

..here is some lovely yarn:



These are the by-products of our second Dyeing Day last Tuesday at Jan's. I love this hand-dyeing malarky. Again, these were fabulously named by Steph as "Hummingbird" and "Lolita". As you can see, "Hummingbird" is already making its way into a pair of socks for Boyfriend*.

I've just come back from the print studio where I finished all the LRRH prints this afternoon. I'm uber chuffed as I thought I would definitely have to go back in tomorrow, but thankfully it all went super-smoothly and it's now no longer necessary. I will be spending my day looking for suitable A2 card and washing my bedclothes instead!

* I did for a moment think "this yarn is waaaaay too nice to make into boy socks!", but then my caring, sharing side kicked in and I relented. Bah.


knitty_kitty said...

You're more generous than me then. I got some Colinette today that is the same colour as Bronte's eye splodge.

Holly said...

W00t, sounds like a rave!! Cool wool, btw :D