Monday, 20 April 2009

Cream Crackered and it's Only Monday

My. Feet. Ache. I've been up to Lahhdahhn Tahn today to the London Book Fair. I didn't stay long, but I got to meet up with my first publishers again, and meet one of my current publishers face to face after months of emailing, which was lovely. I casually dropped the fact I'd written a junior novel into the conversation and they asked me to email it in, so that's a bonus.

I met up with Boyfriend for lunch beforehand (even though I'd only said goodbye to him this morning) in St.James' park and marvelled at all the lovely tulips.


Then it was off to the fair, then a trawl through the artshops after A2 card to protect my screenprints. None to be found that wasn't either too flimsy or too expensive, so I will have to have a look around the shops here before Saturday when it all has to be delivered to the library ready for hanging.

This weekend was very nice. Boyfriend and I finished painting my bedroom (which didn't have much left to do on it, so it only took an hour or two) on Saturday, then went for a monster walk on Sunday up to Queen's Park, down to the seafront, along to Hove then back up to Dyke Road and home. We found a lovely cafe next to the park called Home which I'd read good things about in the past, but had never ventured up there to sample them. I had these FANTASTIC pancakes with summer berries and greek yoghurt, and Boyfriend had a dish of baked mushrooms, egg and goat's cheese served with toast. All very yummy, and I couldn't help but think what a fabulous place for a knit it would be! They had some very homnomnom sounding Apple & Carrot Cake on the menu, too.....



Excuse the slightly dodgy photos; they were taken on my phone and I was busy salivating.

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