Thursday, 9 April 2009

New Toy, New Hair.



So the iMac is here at last! It came last Tuesday, but it took me until Friday to get it out the box. It is AMAZING. So fast! Boyfriend and I worked out it's SIX times faster than the poor little MacMini (not that it was a bad computer, just not big and beefy enough for my present requirements.) I feel I've hardly started playing with it, but I'm sure there are projects around the corner that will mean I spend all my time playing ... um, that's working on it. It's going to make my working processes so much easier and quicker. And it's great to watching films/TV on, too!

I feel I've barely stopped to take a breath in the past week, although I also don't seem to have all that much to show for it! Boyfriend and I spent the weekend painting my kitchen, which is now lovely and clean and bright, and putting up two new shelves in there. There's been a bit of crafting and knitting going on, and a trip up to London to the Tower. (Which was fab. Go see the Henry VIII: Dressed To Kill exhibition. Modern, exciting and uber informative.)

As you can see, I've also changed my hair colour again. The pink was lovely, but it just faded so fast and left me with two-tone hair. I had to go to the hairdressers and beg them to cut all the over-processed orange-tinged ends of my hair off. Be that a lesson to you, my children, don't bleach over an already existing permananent colour. So I am a tomato now.

So now I am going to have the long Easter weekend off, spending it at my Ma's, followed by another Dyeing Day (that's yarn, not hair), then working on updating my sorely neglected website for the rest of that week. Then there's a bit more screenprinting the week after to finish off the Little Red Riding Hood prints ready for submission on the 25th. Phew! The postcards I ordered last Tuesday came this Tuesday, even though I opted for the slow 21 day delivery. I've never ordered cards with a coloured reverse side before, and I have to say they've turned out beautifully. Vistaprint really can be brilliant sometimes. I know a lot of people don't like them, but I've never had any problems.

So the postcards are here, and I've ordered cellophane bags for them and the A2 prints, and three frames to display the best copies. I've just got to get some card to put in with the prints to protect them - and to actually finish them off, of course! So I'm pretty organised. All I need now is people to buy them!


Jenny Leggings said...

Your hair is awesome!!! and your puter...well lets just say im a wee bit jealous!!! have a rocking easter and ill seee you soon!!

Holly said...

O.M.geeeeeeeeee, you have orange hair!!

Deb said...

i hoping to buy one of your prints if pennies will allow! hope the exhibition goes well! sounds like you have had a hectic week and a happy hectic week. dx.