Tuesday, 31 March 2009

Prints & Postcards

The final designs to be screenprinted:




The finished size will be 39 cm x 49cm printed on A2 cartridge. These three will also be printed up as postcards by good old Vistaprint (with slight re-jigging to fit the taller format) with this image on the back:


(My phone number is the part blurred out)

I did um and ahh about this other white version below, but as I received three other Objective Opinions in the favour of the black path version I naturally had to swing that way!


REALLY looking forward to the print session tomorrow.

In other news, the new iMac came today! I'm going to wait until Thursday when I'll have pretty much all day to set it up, otherwise I'll still be here at 4 in the morning playing with it!


Catherine said...

All looking great - I love the idea for the three little red riding hood images. :-)

Jenny Leggings said...

Rocking!!! They look great im loving the woodsman!

Deb said...

orrr Em, these look so nice. its great to seeing you do so much and what with the screenprinting as well! dx.

Emm@ said...

Thank you, you lovely people, you!