Monday, 30 March 2009

Some Screenprints - Finally.








These are just a few from the middle couple of weeks of the eight-week course. What you can't really tell from these photos is that that green ink is actually shimmery. Fab. I have a third from this set, M is for Midnight, which has glow in the dark ink, which is just AWESOME, but I've not photographed it yet. I've set up a new Etsy shop called "Screening Blue Murder" to sell my prints through, so when that's up and running I will take new photos of everything. I also have some number-based prints to take pictures of and stick in there, plus my Little Red Riding Hood-inspired screenprints will be up in there once the exhibition is over.

The re-planning of the LRRH posters is now done so I'll put the new ideas up here ASAP. I have an all-day printing session at the print studio this Wednesday, so I'm sure I'll have some documentary-style photos afterwards, too.

Even though the planning stage is now over it seems to have taken ages. I suppose that's the difference between planning your own work and doing it for someone else; you're never quite sure if your personal work is "good enough" so you faff a lot more. As long as it pleases you then I suppose it doesn't matter!


Jenny Leggings said...

Theyre all amazing! I love screen printing and glow in the dark ink! wow im lovin it!

Deb said...

they all look amazinh emma! dx.