Tuesday, 3 March 2009

Somewhere to Sit!

At last!


Klippan sofas have certainly changed since I last bought one four years ago. They now come in four parts you have to screw together. Definitely makes the whole package smaller and it easier to move around, but if you're by yourself and totally unprepared for it, it's a bit of a shock! As for fitting the cover.....whoa.


Wibbo said...

Ooooh, nice! Now you've got the essentials (mixer, toaster, sofa), what's next? :oP

paula said...

oooooohhhhh that is a goooorgeous sofa! I want it! x

Deb said...

Wow! That sofa ia amazing. dx.

Emm@ said...

Thanks guys!

I think new computer is the next purchase on my list. I love my little mac mini, but it does struggle these days, poor love.