Saturday, 31 December 2011

Year's End

So, anyone want to tell me where the last 12 months have gone? One minute I was signing a contract for a new illustration job, the next it's Christmas. I've been going through my Flickr stream for this year, and I've been surprised how few photos I've taken; that's what being crazy busy does for you, I suppose! I wanted to find just one image that would sum up the year succinctly, and the nearest I could get was this one:


Light and dark, sunshine and clouds. A bit like every year, I suppose, although this year has been one of more contrasts than recent ones.

On the plus side, we moved into a nicer flat, we went away for some nice weekends, I actually had a bit of money for a change due to an awesome job that's kept me busy, busy, busy.

On the down side, my Crohn's decided to play up good and proper, which has meant being in and out of hospital, becoming a human pincushion and taking enough medication to make me rattle! It's also meant all notions of dieting and controlling what I eat has gone out the window, with some pretty crazy weight swings, but now things are settling down I hope to get on the straight and narrow again.

So, I suppose that brings me on to resolutions, which, as I've said many a time, I don't really believe in. There are some things I'd like to do in the upcoming year, but I'm not going to pile on any pressure by making wild promises I might not be able to keep. I'd like to visit more places of historical, scientific or educational interest. I'd like to go out on my bike more. I'd like to pay a bit more attention to personal work and getting a few new things up in my Folksy shop. And get some nice, new jobs, natch. I think they should be possible now I'm not working so continually. Let's see how it all goes.

So, see you in 2012. Thanks for continuing to come by to read my ramblings, you're all aces.


Peri said...

Happy new year to you and Jamie xx

Sarah said...

That's a great pic to sum up a year - wishing you a happy 2012

Emm@ said...

Thanks very much me lovelies xx