Friday, 2 December 2011

Festive Felty Foxies




I am a bit in love with these life-size felt foxes in the window of Aubin and Wills on Prince Albert Street. I'm not really familiar with this shop, having automatically assumed it was far too expensive for me anyway, even if I did like their stuff, so I've never been in. Apparently, though, their logo is a top hat-donning fox (automatically awesome), so it's nice to see that played with in their Christmas window display. Looking at their website, they actually have a lot of nice foxy things. I particularly like these rubber-topped HB pencils:

Lovely packaging. Now, if only I could get my own fox and take him about on a lead....Maybe not. Not sure he'd go for the red bow at the neck, either.

So, felty foxes aside, I'm working on the very last pieces for The Project. I cannot believe it's almost over. When that's out of the way, I've got to work like a fiend getting all my gubbins together for the Craftaganza craft fair next Saturday the 10th. Please do come along if you're about. Progress photos to follow....

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Holly said...

Omg, they're awesome foxies!! Sprash was cute btw :)