Thursday, 15 December 2011

Bitter Rivalry

xmas rivalry 2

xmas rivalry 1

Two families on the same street. Wonder if it's all Montagues and Capulets, or if they're actually really good friends?

Bleurgh. I hab a colb at the moment. I had my fingers crossed that I'd get through my deadlines and the craft fair without falling foul of seasonal germs, chanting: "Can't be ill til Saturday night, can't be ill til Saturday night." Well, I made it til Monday lunchtime, which I suppose is good going! I shouldn't really complain, I haven't have a cold since August 2010, which is a miracle and a record for me; I'm probably overdue. I suppose, then, I should be taking it easy and relaxing or something. A STRANGE feeling indeed!

PS Just changed my blog header to something more festive. Will put up my step-by-step on my Xmas cards tomorrow, time willing.

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