Sunday, 11 December 2011


Phew!!! Well, what a crazy few weeks that was. The last part of The Project has been sent off. I'm just waiting to hear if there'll be any tweaks this week, then it will be well and truly over. Very strange.

After being evacuated on Tuesday night, I didn't have time to make quite as much as I wanted for Saturday's craft fair, but, in the end that didn't matter as our table was groaning under the weight of all our wares as it was! It was such a great event, we all did very well. The remainder of my Woodland/Fairytale brooches are now all up in my Folksy shop, having made the most of the 10 minutes of sunlight we received today to get some photos taken. Take a gander at a few; I'm pretty chuffed with them:

owl and pussycat cardi

mermaid cardi

fox cardi

red and wolf window

deer cardi

I'm leaving the Circus and Scrabble badges off for now, as I have to make up more Scrabble ones - popular as ever - and find a way to list them that avoids making 26 separate listings!

So I can theoretically take a breath now! I have a few Christmas presents to make, but nowhere near as many as I usually would, that would just have been madness with my recent schedule! I've had to wait a bit to get everything in as I don't get paid until tomorrow; it'll be shopping and making like crazy this week. And it's about time it began to look a bit like Christmas here in this house as I just have had no time to get any decorations up. Hopefully I'll rectify that tomorrow once I've hoovered up all the little bits of shrinky plastic that are everywhere and given all the long-neglected surfaces a good dust!

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