Tuesday, 25 October 2011

Renegade London

It's taken me over two weeks to blog about this, but on 8th October, Hubbo and I went along to Renegade's first ever London craft fair. I mainly went to get ideas for new ways to display our wares at our next craft fair, but found myself drooling over pretty much everything and wishing I'd brought a huge wadge of cash with me. Here are a few pics of my fave stands:



This is illustrator Kate Sutton's work. She had a fab cardboard cuckoo clock on her stand, total wanties.





Also total wanties on the poster with the bear in the top right corner.


Nice way to display things, moody bloke not included.


Like the washing line idea. Quite a few stalls employed this, it works really well.



Love the idea of wrapping little ornaments in tissue paper and cellophane.


Ahh, there's that cardboard cuckoo clock on the right there.


Although I didn't buy anything, I picked up a tonne of business cards, so I can go through all these fab maker sites at my leisure and add things to my Christmas wishlist and get a few ideas for Crimbo pressies to give myself along the way.

If I was going to review the fair, I'd say on the plus side, it was really well organised, a good, light space with lots of space for each stand to "breathe", a wide range of interesting sellers, and easily accessible toilets. On the down side, no cash machine near by (although many stands were taking PayPal payments) and no cafe. I thought the lack of refreshments a bit weird and a total missed trick, but maybe that was just because I'm tea and cake obsessed.

After the fair, Hubbo and I wandered over to Spitalfields and had a very late lunch/early dinner here. It was AMAZEBALLS. Heartily recommended for traditional English grub. I had a Sticky Toffee Pudding that was so good I didn't even mind the dates.

Also quite exciting was that we got to use the new-ish Overground line to travel around. The orange line. When Anerley was my local station, that track was just a standard grey, boring and dirty suburban train line, so it's very nice to see the whole stretch tarted up and meandering its way all across London instead of having to change at New Cross to get the Underground. Yep, still a travel geek.

I hope Renegade decides to come back next year. I'll be there, my pocket full of spondoolix at the ready.

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Catherine Hayward said...

Renegade looks great! Was it a busy event? I always wonder if those pricey craft fairs are worth the stall cost.