Thursday, 6 October 2011


As if I need another (not with several knitting projects on the go, a couple of embroidery ones, a blouse that is never, quite frankly, going to get done, and the beginnings of a quilt all waiting for me to give them my undivided attention), but this is something I've been wanting to get hold of for YEARS. Introducing The Cupboard:

kitchen cupboard

Excuse the crappy photo; the light was fading fast. We got it for a absolute song a couple of weeks ago from a local second hand shop, but only got it delivered yesterday. Structurally, it's pretty sound. It needs a good clean up and a new coat of paint but then it'll be good as new. Under the shoddy white paint job it currently sports, lurks a glimmer of blue, so I think we'll take it back to that original colour, which will look lovely with the red handles. I'm planning on it being a home for my Granny China in the top cupboard, and somewhere to keep my fabric-based WIPs in in the bottom cupboard. You know, somewhere with doors so I can shut it all away and not see it taking over the chairs and all other available surfaces. Gawd knows when I'll get time to work on it, but fingers crossed for sometime soon!

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