Wednesday, 12 October 2011

Owl Post

My Owl and the Pussycat cards came two weeks ago, I'm pretty chuffed with them. As usual, they are Vistaprint's Oversized Postcards printed in full colour on the front and with a greyscale image on the back:





I addressed 87 of the buggers on Sunday night and posted them all out on Monday. Hopefully they've just arrived at their destinations and are already doing their magic thing, although it's quite likely that most of those people I've sent one to are at the Frankfurt Book Fair, which started today. Never mind, they can be a nice little present for them for when they get back to work next week!

It's the first mail out I've done this year (!!!), due to being so caught up with The Huge Project, so I'm a bit out of practice with addressing them all, but I need to get myself out there and noticed again as I will technically be unemployed come January. Eek!

I've just got to come up with an idea for my Christmas card now....

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Rona said...

Looking forward to that too! x