Friday, 14 October 2011

East Beach Cafe, Littlehampton

On Tuesday, Hubbo and I had a little trip out for a couple of hours. Hubbo's been off work sick (again) for a couple of weeks, so I thought he needed a bit of cheering up. Plus, I combined the trip with collecting a bargainous fire screen I'd won on ebay, so win-win. I'd heard lots of nice things about East Beach Cafe in Littlehampton, so I was very willing to give it a go.

east beach cafe7

east beach cafe1

Exterior very nice; I think it's weathered metal, although I didn't touch it to make sure. I love how it looks like a shell or a fish. It's surprisingly slim, only about 5 metres wide. The inside back wall mirrors the interesting shapes on the outside, the ribcage, if you will. On the side facing the beach, it's all floor-to-ceiling windows with a lovely view directly over the water. We watched a couple of crazy kite surfers as we slurped and nibbled.

east beach cafe5

east beach cafe6

east beach cafe2

I had Spiced Apple Cake, which was very nice, Hubbo had a nice, fat Millionaire's Shortbread. Twinning's tea, but then you can't have everything. They do, however, use their own personal blend of coffee beans. Hubbo proclaimed the coffee "yeah, alright" in a surprised tone. This, coming from a dude who worships at the altar of Monmouth, is high praise for a coffee that doesn't come from their hallowed roastery and therefore couldn't possibly compare.

east beach cafe3

east beach cafe4

We arrived after lunch service had finished so I didn't see the main menu, but their Christmas menu sounded very nice, plus they're doing a It's a Wonderful Life with bangers & mash and mulled wine on 22nd December, which is very tempting.

I liked it very much, lovely building, lovely cake. Unisex toilets with Dyson Airblade handryer, so bonus points for that. I bet it's fabulous on a hot day with all the tall windows open, but I bet I'd prefer it on a blustery one, sheltering from the cold with a hot cuppa.

Lovely, 8/10.

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