Thursday, 26 May 2011


After waiting months and months and months, this week I finally received copies of some books I wrote and/or illustrated last year. They're for a Korean publisher who I've worked for before; they've come out quite well. "Bunny's T-Shirt" pictured below was the one I wrote and illustrated, the others are just my text. It was the first time I used my Wacom on a professional job, so I was a bit unsure of myself, but it looks surprisingly OK. It's all collaged together as I usually do, but only using swatches of scanned gouache paint to give it a textured, hand painted feel without the hassle of actually hand painting it. 








The funniest thing about this job was that I did a sample spread in colour for them and painted Bunny brown, as you probably would. The company got back to me to tell me that they wanted Bunny to be pink, which was fair enough. They then told me that they thought Bunny was too big in relation to Tiger and that it would be more realistic if she were smaller. It took quite a lot of tongue biting to refrain from mentioning that as Bunny is pink, making her a realistic size seemed rather moot.


Gretel said...

They are fab Emma, really *you* and funky! (I had a similar rejection letter from Walker books years ago, not so strange as publishing logic...)

pie said...

Haha but presumably it's ok that Bird is COLOSSAL!! Funny :) They're lovely books!

Rona said...

They are lovely Emma! xx

Jon Davis said...

Lovely. Great bright colours.
Exciting to have the actual books arrive :)