Tuesday, 3 May 2011


On Saturday, Husband and I emptied out our storage unit in Portslade (which means all that stuff is now sitting in our living room waiting for a new home. Ho hum), and decided on a whim to swing by Emmaus on our way home to hunt for a few bargains and to check out their recently refurbished "Revive" cafe. This is what we found:








How. Blinking. Awesome. Precisely my aesthetic. (Also explains why I can't find all the usual stuff I love as it's all been nabbed to furnish this room!) It used to be just half this size, but they've knocked through to the room behind. Good job, too, as this place is PACKED on a Saturday lunchtime. And it's no wonder as the food is yum, yum, yum and incredibly good value. Husband had a Ploughman's with literally half a bag of salad, loads of lovely pickles and half a block of cheese, plus baguette, for a fiver. Bargain.

I do love those painted lampstands. I'm not sure we have room for another lamp, but I might try to persuade Husband that painting our wooden hatstand bright yellow is a Very Good Idea.....

Do go check out Emmaus if you can. I meant to blog about it waaaay back last summer when we first went, but forgot to do so. (Or was that on purpose? I would love to keep this place to myself, but it's just too nice.)

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