Sunday, 8 May 2011

One Page Potters

Did you know that yesterday was Free Comic Book Day? Did you also know that you can read all sorts of amazing, intelligent and artistically brilliant comics on the old interwebs for free all the time? It's true. Just take a Google.

So, in celebration of FCD, I was just pottering (ho!) about on Twitter/the internetz generally yesterday, having a look at some Sequential Art (if you want the Fancy Pants term, and what is illustration, anyway, if not a sequence of pictures telling a story? Sorry, I digress), and came across a link to these fantastic and simply hilarious one-sheet Harry Potter comics by the very talented Lucy Knisley. This one is Order of the Phoenix, follow the link above to see books 1-4, too:

So far Lucy has only covered books 1-5; I can't wait for 6 and 7. I think I will have to buy the whole set of prints once they're finished and up in her shop. I particularly like the funny little captions ("A hem-hem, *child abuse*), and Snape's body language up there when he realises he has to give Harry Occlumency lessons is just genius. Check 'em out.

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