Friday, 3 June 2011

It's June Already!

JUNE, people! Where have the last few months gone?! May was an odd month for me. I expected to be really busy on the next section of The Job, but, actually, that section only turned out to have one piece of work in it - the apron I've been nattering on about. So, I've had quite a bit of free time, but didn't actually realise I was going to have it. I expected to be emailed at any moment and be asked to draw the next thing, so I didn't really plan anything else to do. Doofus. So to stop me feeling bored until the comments come in, I've been sewing up a few things in the last week or so. One is a birthday present for the end of the month so I can't show it yet, another is an iPad case (yup, got offered one of those on a good deal so obviously took it up. Am trying very hard not to play with it all the time. It's a business expense, right?!) and another is this guy:

fox stop

Lovely Sam bought him as a kit for me for Christmas and so naturally I've only just got around to sewing it up. He has chick peas in the base to keep him upright and hold open the door, and plain, old stuffing in the rest of the body. He's by local Brighton artist/printmaker Sarah Young, whose work I like very much and who prints at the same print studio as me.

I've also been having a few health problems this month, which hasn't been fun. My Crohn's is playing up a bit and I've hurt my legs somehow. I've been to a couple of appointments with an Osteopath who reckons I've knocked my pelvis all out of whack - probably by lifting boxes while moving house - which has put undue pressure on my knees and ankles which have been compensating for it. Hopefully it's going to improve soon; not being able to bend my knees properly is making stairs rather an issue!

On the plus side, a nice chunk of money for The Job has come in, so I've been able to pay off the bills and get a few luxuries in, including a GAWJUS bike, which I must take a photo of. Of course, with the knee issues I've barely ridden it, but I hope a few gentle laps round The Level will help stretch my muscles. It's so nice not to have to worry so much about money right now. The comments on the last lot of roughs I did came in today, so on Monday it'll be back to work. But right now I'm going to wait for Husband to get home, scoff down steak followed by strawberry ice cream, maybe watch a film, and enjoy hanging out with him all weekend in the sun. Have a good one, y'all.

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